The whole story of DJMS

At DJMS we work on greater production projects in the energy, oil, gas, steel and food & beverage industries. DJMS manages the project on site worldwide, on and offshore. Working with many different nationalities is common in the field. Communication, being essential, is our strength.

Our experience comes from a background in mechanical engineering. Over the years, we have come across unique builds, new plants and installations at full running production factories. We have a great understanding for the set goals, cost effectiveness and pragmatic technical solutions needed to achieve the final result.

DJMS has the experienced technical manager for your project.

Supervising safety rules and regulations, overview execution of quality control and providing field advice. If your project contains elements of hydraulics, pneumatics, electrical and mechanical installations, you can entrust us with the part of assembly and supervision of the construction.

DJMS has the brown field technical experience for any construction or installation with mechanical, electrical, civil and pneumatic steering instruments. We deliver the required field experts and advisors.

Regular reports keep all parties informed, timely and complete.

Straight forward professional attitude with respect for all fields of experience and constant monitoring of all aspects of the project. That is how we operate, that is how we get the job done.

Team, timing, finish!