DJMS has over 20 years of experience in complex industrial projects for companies such as Shell, Petronas, Corus/Tata Steel, Hyunday heavy industries, Stork, Nuon, Fortum, Braden Deltak, Siemens. Overseeing the execution of the field quality plan at hand, we strive to get the best result. Our customers confirm that we succeed in our company objective:
compliant project, optimal production.

Nuon Twingo CCGT CHP Power Plants, Diemen, The Netherlands

Nuon expands production capacity for 435 MW electricity and heating 24.000 households. Turnkey realization of two natural gas fired Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Central Heat Power plants. DJMS supervises the installation and welding of the compensator between the gas turbine and diffuser.

Nuon Twingo CCGT CHP Power Plants

Poweo, Toul, France

Start of major energy project in France. Ancient electrical power plants are being renewed and upgraded. The Siemens group has been asked to supply a turnkey power plant in Pont-sur-Sambre producing 412 MW power to 400.000 households in France.

Fortum / E4, Khanty-Mansiysk Area, Nyagan, Russia

Power plant for 418 MW. Unique project in Russia for the energy industry. This built is one part of the major investments Fortum has planned in Russia to increase 85% of the energy production in the area.

The power plant was built during Siberian winter on permafrost. DJMS supplied supervision on the build of two diffusers and stainless steel compensator for Siemens.

This is the second power plant in a series of 12.

Yuznouralsk, Russia, Chelyabinsk, Oblast

Atomexport. Yusnouralsk Gres is a combined cycle power station consisting of three power units of 1200 MW total capacity, 400 MW each, with auxiliary structures and communications.

The first unit power plant is 415 MW. Project condensing combined cycle power station CCP-CPS consisting of three power units on the basis of Siemens power islands GTU + STU + generator and the three circuit recovery boiler commissioning is scheduled for the 4th quarter 2014. The second and third unit will be built if the customer confirms necessity of their construction by December 2014.