Open case inspections by DJMS prove their usefulness in practice.

The water chambers for the Nyagan energy plant condenser, suffered damage during transportation. Measurements of the paint layers thickness as well as a spark test coating, show visible and invisible damages. Fixing these points is critical to avoid corrosion.

The biggest challenge appears to be the climate, at approximately 500 km from the polar circle in West-Siberia. For components to cure, an environment of 22 degrees Celsius is essential. Using heaters of a serious kW power size, brought steel and space to the right temperature. In four consecutive days, fresh coating layers have been applied.

The latest measurements by the coating specialist, show that the water chambers have been delivered in top condition.

DJMS project engineer Jaring Hilligers: “Our thorough inspection rounds bring matters, such as these, to light in time. Repairing a free-standing part of an installation is feasible to do, even if one has to heat up an industrial warehouse into a warm living room. Preventing possible corrosion, that’s the value we bring to the job”.